International Foodsource or IFS is the parent company to our “Valued Naturals” brand. Located in Randolph NJ, our facility is home to all of our business operations. From production, packaging, shipping and more, we operate under a just-in-time solution to keep products fresher longer for your convenience!


Our entire operation starts and ends within our warehouse facility. This 180,000 Sq. Ft warehouse houses all of our products which are received and inspected by our Quality control team, providing 100% lot traceability and greater control and confidence over our operations. Along with our Just-in-time production model, our warehouse features climate control to ensure product freshness and longevity. When products are finished they are secured by our full facility camera system and can readily be loaded at 1 of our 8 docks to then be shipped via an array of our convenient major routes.

While we aim to make product quality something you can see and taste for yourself, our quality control protocols are rigorous and efficient, ensuring product quality and safety for all customers. Our SQF level 2 certification includes all of the measures outlined in level 1 with the addition of risk assessment protocols as per the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). See the SQF website below for further details on our rating!

All Quality Control team members are PCQI certified and work at the receiving level to provide 100% lot transparency and quality control upon product arrival. Combining these disciplines also allows for greater confidence over our operations and smoother mitigation of potential recalls. Our controls ensure that all machinery is thoroughly washed following each line production, eliminating the potential of cross contamination. All initial inspections by our quality control team is reviewed by our QC manager, allowing for a double verification system that is both detailed and all comprehensive.

We Grow Stronger Together

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